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Artistic Perfection Drywall & Stucco In Tallahassee

The name says it all. What began a few decades ago as a small drywall and stucco business that wanted to deliver honesty, integrity, a fair price, and a touch of class.

First and foremost the company was named Artistic Perfection because we are not just another drywall and stucco company. In fact it would be very difficult to find another company in the entire South East that has the attention to detail and hand holding style that can be found in our client relationships.

Every time we work with a builder, general contractor, or home owner we seek to take their ideas and not just create them, but create their vision. Bringing our client's vision to reality is our art. We have worked on the highest end seven and eight figure homes and commercial buildings in North Florida and we are proud of our ability to deliver what our past clients call "considerable value" on their projects.

In contrast we are still one of the most affordable companies in the market for even the simplest of home repairs. In this respect size simply matters. When you work in bulk, you can give your clients bulk prices.

We are also, candidly, obsessive compulsive perfectionists. We are not afraid to admit this and most of our past clients would be happy to chime in on this revelation. All of our projects demand it, and we deliver. Every task we take on is checked and re-checked. We only use the best materials, tools, and personnel. We are fully compliant on every certification and are fully insured and bonded with the highest levels of expertise around. Our perfectionist nature insures that we will also get your work done on time in a professional manner.

No matter how big or how small something we may be asked to do is we can assure you that if we are given the privilege of taking care of your project, when it's done you too will call it Artistic Perfection!

-Myron Kentnor

-President, Artistic Perfection

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